In compliance with 47 C.F.R. Section 73.2080 the employment unit for KGAK radio has endeavored to achieved broad and inclusive outreach in our hiring efforts over the past two years and throughout our history.

Listed below are all of the circumstances related to this units hiring over the past two years and the efforts undertaken to afford equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons avoiding any discriminating in employment and related benefits on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, and sex.

This employment unit is comprised of one radio station. This station operates under unusual and special circumstances which present unique and unusual hiring challenges.

KGAK radio is operated to serve the needs of the Navajo Indian population located adjacent to our city of license. KGAK signs on at 5:00am and signs off at 10:00pm daily. All 17 hours a day, 7 days a week are devoted solely to the needs of the Navajo Indian population and all programming is done in the Navajo Language. As a result any hiring faces certain unique obstacles.

  1. Announcers on KGAK must speak fluent Navajo.
  2. The Navajo culture is traditionally egalitarian and therefore the language is not indigenously a written language.       All communication is traditionally verbal.
  3. The Navajo Language as spoken is almost totally unrelated to any other known language and is unknown outside this area’s general geographic location.
  4. Except for a handful of Navajo-speaking radio stations generally located around the Navajo reservation area, no media of any kind is designed to reach or serve the needs of the traditional Navajo people living in this area.

KGAK operates with a totally live on-air staff during all hours of operation. On air staff at KGAK is comprised of men and women from various and diverse backgrounds from on and around the Navajo Nation. It is rare that the station finds it necessary to replace full time on air staff but when necessary to do so and given the special circumstances of this station and the challenges to finding qualified individuals as listed above the majority of the employment units promotional efforts to hire such people is done over the air on KGAK as well as on KNDN radio, an all Navajo station in Farmington, New Mexico. Additional efforts including posting of openings within the station to allow for internal application as well as notifying the local Intertribal Indian Organization of openings constitute the normal recruitment procedure for KGAK. In that all on-air personnel hires for KGAK face similar challenges, similar methodology is generally employed to ensure qualified individuals are hired without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, or sex. Over the previous reporting period one full time position has been filed at KGAK. This position is that of Office Manager/Traffic Director, and was filled in October, 2011. No full-time on-air staff positions were filed during the reporting period.